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We value our growers and customers.  

Advantages of EagleXport

  • We are located close to the growers: we can go to the farms to inspect the goods.
  • Fresh produce can be delivered to our warehouse and shipped to customers the day it is picked.
  • Our transport partners have easy access to our warehouse, and do not need to become entangled in traffic or roadwork in greater Montreal.
  • We deliver from Sunday to Saturday – 7 days per week.

Our Mission is to create and maintain trusted relationships with our customers and suppliers to offer friendly and professional service, and to deliver the freshest possible quality produce to our customers.

Who We Are

Eagle Export Inc. is a small company located in the heart of the agricultural belt south of Montreal.  Because we have access to both our suppliers and major highways, we can deliver produce to our customers which may be harvested the same morning.


Where We Are

Our offices and warehouse are on Notre Dame Street in St. Remi, Quebec.  Our warehouse is located on the grounds of Alcaro Farm, although we are an independent enterprise.  This gives us direct access to seasonal produce both from Alcaro, and many other growers, the furthest located less than 20 minutes from our location.

Our intimate relationship with Alcaro enables us to be the first-hand seller of fresh green cabbage, Roma tomatoes and field cucumbers produced at Les Fermes Alcaro Inc.  We are in a unique position to offer contractual agreements with customers on behalf of Alcaro, for these three products.